The Pill Makes it Rill

I still haven’t been approved by my insurance for the medication that my neurologist wants me to take.  I was denied, he filed an appeal, and I’m still waiting… But fear not!  The medicine company has a plan.  They are willing to give me a 2 week free trial – a quick start program – to the medication until my insurance decides if they think it’s worth me taking the new and stronger medication to prevent the chance that I could lose feeling in my arms, legs or even lose the ability to control my bowels.

I get 2 weeks of the medication, and if by day 10 I still haven’t heard from my insurance – I contact Biogen again and they will give me ANOTHER 2 week dose of the medication that could potentially prevent me from being paralyzed or losing the ability to speak until my insurance decides if I really need it.

And if the worse happens and my insurance denies me the medication that could keep me from losing my eyesight or being in constant pain as MS attacks my nervous system, well then they will gladly talk with me about financial assistance to assist me with medication that costs around 6 grand a month that could help me live a more normal life without the use of a cane or having to use a feeding tube because the MS has damaged the part of my brain that controls swallowing.

I’m not rushing my insurance to make up their mind.  I’ve received the free trial but I haven’t taken them yet.


The pill makes it rill.  The pill makes the MS rill.  It makes my condition rill, my symptoms rill, my chances of being paralyzed rill, the chance that I lose feeling in my arms and legs rill, not being able to control my bowels rill, losing the ability to speak rill, maybe having a feeding tube someday rill.

Taking a pill 2 times a day for the rest of my life makes it rill.  Riller than I want it to be.

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